Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a family affair

so, a lot of know you i've been dating this guy, right?

he's cute. :)

well, he has four siblings. up until a few weekends ago, none of them were married- then one of his sisters and her fiance unexpectedly eloped! it was awesome, and just what they wanted. no fuss, very romantic, and extremely spontaneous. they took a honeymoon weekend at the beach, and invited their families to join them for an informal celebration a few days later. it was a blast.

when we first got there, will and i spent some time on the beach with a dog not belonging to us. :) this pup, fin, is INSANE when it comes to fetch. there is nothing this guy enjoys more! check out the bounce in his step and the look on his face:

us, inbetween fetches.

oh fin, he just can't quit. :)

here are the newlyweds, haley and rory, opening the champagne-

and will's mom, handing out glasses for the toast.

the rest of the night was spent sharing stories, laughing, eating fresh crab, and just enjoying the time together. it was so great to be there and to share in their happiness. congratulations to haley & rory- we're all so thrilled for you and your life to come. :)

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