Monday, August 23, 2010

news about the east (from the west)

good morning!

i just got back from a fun-filled/work-filled trip to new york, and although i THOUGHT about blogging, it didn't really happen. haha. isn't it the thought that counts? :D not to worry though... i have so many photos to show you!

i can't even believe we're nearing the end of august- where did this summer go? last night as i was enjoying an absolutely beautiful portland evening during my favorite time of night, right as the sun is beginning to dip and the light is soooo beautiful, i swore i could smell fall in the air. it just smelled like the promise of changing leaves and pretty scarves and thick warm socks. :) this morning, a hoodie and a warm cup of tea are my bff as i sit in my "office" (living room :)) and work work work. time is flying.

these past few weeks were a blast filled with amazing people and such fun times. i have such wonderful people in my life and am so thankful. i didn't get a whole lot of photos on a personal note which happens sometimes when i'm so busy taking pictures for work, but here's one i wanted to show you. my parents are in the middle of updating the 2nd floor of their house, and as they ripped up the carpet in what was originally my room, this is what they found:

that, my friends, is over twenty years old. thankfully my penmanship has improved abit over the years. ;) this year nostalgia has been hitting me full force and i just can't believe how quickly life changes. part of me still feels like the little kid that scribbled my name with a green marker on my new bedroom floor. :) thankfully i wasn't around when mom spotted this- i don't know for a fact, but i'm betting that she probably teared up when she saw, and if i'd been around i would've joined her. ha. :)

changing gears! you all know i do a lot of wedding and family photos. a lot. it's always a fun challenge to try something new and when i was asked to take photos of matt's (brand new!) condo, i was excited. how do i document this without being ::cough cough:: boring?! ha! i mean... no furniture, no wall decorations, nothing. just blank space. however- as you can see below- the house itself is hardly boring. :)

congratulations again on this huge step for your life! i'm so excited for you... all the blank space is full of amazing possibility. :)


Nancy said...

Love the shot of your 'old' bedroom floor - so fun to uncover memories - unexpectedly.

Sure wish you had been around to take pictures of my new Clifton Park condo - oh, about 22 years ago! A brand new home is a new chapter in life and those pictures will be so fun to look at years from now.

Welcome home & hope to see you soon!

Erika said...

i love that picture of your old bedroom floor... i'm sure it made your mom get nostalgic, not that she wants to go back and change your diapers or anything...

//nancy said...

aunt nan- i know, doesn't it not seem like it was that long enough when i was that small!? sheesh! :)

thanks for the welcome- i won't be here long, but i'm enjoying the end of summer weather and mentally gearing up for fall. :) :) hope you guys are making the most of these last few summer days yourself and i hope to see you soon too! love.

erika- hahaha! you crack me UP! :) i was probably around your girls' age when i was allowed to write on the floor... cheap thrills for a little girl. :) :)