Monday, August 23, 2010

a quick glimpse

these four are a wonderful family that i'm glad to know as clients, but even moreso as friends. here's a look into a night at their house:

i love to watch them love. :) they do it well.


Anonymous said...

Love the photographs... but where's your playlist!? I must confess, I often come to your page, to hear the music when there's no blog update. I hope you're adding new songs :]

//nancy said...

oh, man!

let the debate... begin? :)

i LOVE music, but more and more lately i've heard such negative feedback from people re: music on websites. people are passionately against it, saying that it's distracting and annoying. ha.

so i took it off.

i guess with enough feedback the other way i could be persuaded to put it on again? i know i like it! it was just a bummer to hear people say that they hated it so when (non-musical) websites contained music.

sigh. guess you can't please everyone!? :)