Saturday, January 1, 2011

(it's personal) vol. 6

hello, hello-

i hope the start of 2011 finds you filled to the brim with anticipation. i am so glad to be here. :) it's gonna be a good 52 weeks, i can feel it deep down in my soul.

what to know how i celebrated 1/1/11? let me tell you- i was with the fam. my immediate family contains:
- mom
- dad
- cair (sister)
- jordan (bro-in-law)
- leah (cair's best friend of 15+ years and my pseudo-sister)
- joe (bro-in-law, via leah)

there are two things that are usually present when we all get together. 1) food and 2) laughter. there were times over baked french toast, orange juice, and two pounds of bacon that i was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. my family can drive me up the wall, but i love them with my whole heart. my siblings bring me so much joy and i can't begin to imagine life without them.

so, leah and joe. they are expecting their first baby this spring, and i am SO excited to meet this tiny little man! we shot a few photos after breakfast, and i definitely think pregnancy suits my lucy goose! check out this beautiful lady.

(from leah's last ultrasound)

new people, new starts, new possibilities. i can not wait- there is so much to be thankful for. happy new year!

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Brenda said...

How beautiful and exciting! :D