Sunday, October 17, 2010

leah + joe (family shoot)

this is a family photoshoot in more than one way.

a) leah and joe ARE my family. :) leah has been my sister's best friend for almost as long as i can remember. she was always around during our growing up years, and has throughout that time found herself a part of our family. i love that she married joe almost exactly two years ago (happy anniversary, guys!) as he is just a phenomenal man and a great addition to the crowd. leah is such a quality photographer and some of you new york dwellers might recognize her as she frequently shoots with me on east coast weddings.

b) leah and joe are having a BABY!! they announced it to everyone this afternoon and although they've known for a little while, these are officially their first family photos together with the little sprout. i am so so so ecstatic to meet and love on their little baby this spring. here are a few snippets from the time we spent together this weekend.

congratulations guys! i just love you three. :)

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thezsfamily said...

LEAH...!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! :) this is happiness.