Wednesday, October 20, 2010

blogging is more fun than doing other things that are less fun. :) :)

oh hey! good afternoon/evening! guess what i'm up to right now... procrastinating. ha! let me explain.

blogging is simply way better than:
- working on my budget
- sorting through seven weddings (weeding out the pictures i shot from the ones i'll actually use is my LEAST fave thing ever!)
- paying attention to the blister on the back of my heel
- cleaning up my messes around the house
- laundry

see? out of all the options for this exact moment, finishing a blog entry is just so dang appealing. :) i really would like to show you photos from a shoot i did last week with 3/4ths of a fantastic family. i knew these guys from living in upstate new york, and i remember their oldest boy when he was a teeny-tiny little fella almost always in a sling attached to his mom. now he's got a baby brother and he's a big kid, full of great ideas and stories and a sense of curiosity and adventure. we took photos of the boys and their mom (maybe photos with the whole family next time...?) and had a GREAT morning exploring all the leaves, rocks, streams and trails that we could find.

ps, fall in new york is so incredibly pretty! i grew up here, but living on the west coast i think i've gained a new appreciation for the colors in this season on the east coast. a-maaaazing variety.

great seeing you, old friends! :) glad our paths crossed this time around- spending time with you three made my day.


Cookwire Photography said...

Totally Inspiring Nancy!

//nancy said...

thanks, sarah! these guys are wonderful subjects... as you know firsthand! :):) (love the shoot you did with them when calvin was super tiny!)