Monday, October 4, 2010

josh + kelsi (wedding)

this past weekend i shot a very, very lovely wedding.

first of all... it was the perfect sort of day. beautiful. sunny. fall-ish. happy.
secondly... this couple is LEGIT. they have known each other a long time. and they really, really know what it is to love.
also... visually, their style is right up my alley. i don't know that i personally could pull it off like they did, but i sure as heck liked it. :)

here's a quick shot of three crazies before we get on to the stars of the show- i'm the goofy duckface in the middle. :) the blonde is my friend lisa who helped me shoot and got some GREAT photos (i'll feature one here in this blog) and the brunette is my friend crystal who is my connection to the bride and groom- she was also a bridesmaid. (thanks for the recommendation, girl!)

haha. we sure are ::ahem:: special. MOVING ON. :) kelsi and josh. i love love love catching the look on a groom's face whenever he sees his bride for the first time. here is their moment:

um, delightful.
the rest of the post i'll just fill with the story of their day in pictures... enjoy.

(thanks lisa, for the beautiful shot above!)

beautiful day, beautiful love. josh and kelsi- congratulations. :)


Anonymous said...

Great day in the morning, that looks like a fun and awesome wedding celebration! (Mick's very southern g-ma says that phrase, and the spirit in which she exclaims that captures the mood of these pictures perfectly so I had to throw it in there!) Eloping has it's definite advantages, but I have got to throw some kind of post-marital shindig so you can come take pictures. We'll get around to all this once I finish gestating this alien creature I've been blessed to carry. You will come here toward the end of April to take some new baby/family pictures, yes? -Heidi

Kelsi said...

Nancy I love them! I can't wait to see more and you were so fun the day of the wedding. FABULOUS work! :)

danielle said...

i got chills with the grooms first look of his STUNNING sweet!! what a beautiful wedding.

//nancy said...

WOW i'm slow to respond to comments! sheesh. :)

heidi- it totally was. fun and awesome. :) if you throw some sort of anniversary WHATEVER you can totally get me to come capture it for you!! seriously. :) and congrats on the new baby! so excited to hear about that!!! you guys make some cute ones. :) i will do my best to come down south in the spring!!!

kelsi- so glad to hear! such a beautiful wedding- my job wasn't that difficult. :) it was wonderful to be there and get to know you guys a little bit more! hope all is well with you both!

danielle- i know right?!! :) :)