Monday, September 27, 2010

nobody does it better.

this post is for the moms.

i spend a lot of this season of my life watching other people live theirs. haha, sounds weird when i phrase it like that, doesn't it? not that i don't have my own life... i do. filled with so many wonderful people and adventures and things to be thankful for. but at this exact moment, i do not have a spouse or kids or a lot of commitments and responsibilities outside of myself and my job. and most of my job is to chronicle other people's lives. it's a great learning opportunity, and i am soaking it all up.

i've been thinking lately about being a mom and what that might be like. personally, i can't wait. but i see that it is a HARD job. you grow these small people who are completely dependent for every need, and then in a flash... they are off and running (literally). your job, almost overnight, becomes less of a sedentary one and instead fills a role resembling jack-of-all-trades circus master. you comfort, you instruct and guide. you corral, you set free. you fix everything and other times teach them how to do it themselves. you find solutions to hunger when all that can be found are a few crackers at the bottom of a purse and help with pesky older siblings that won't stop with their incessant teasing. you kiss and make life better when needed.

dads are very important. VERY, very. i do not mean to minimize their role in a child's life... it's huge. but there's something lately i've been realizing about moms and i can't quite verbalize what i'm going for here, except to say there's nothing quite like a good mom who sincerely loves her kids. and when i say "love" i don't ONLY mean the feel-good, mushy kind of love- i also mean the "i'm doing this because it's best for you" kind of love. i feel like that kind of full-circle love and guidance helps kids get the confidence they need to start figuring out who they were made to be. these little people who are bits and pieces of their parents but also extremely unique in and of themselves and resembling small blank pages with futures and potential largely untapped and unknown.

all this to say, as someone who may very well be a mom at some point in the future: watching you inspires me. so, thanks. keep doing what you do. and lest you feel as though it's a tough and somewhat crazy job at times- know that you're doing good work. it matters a whole lot... so keep it up. :)

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