Sunday, September 19, 2010

(part of) joelle + stephen (wedding)

good evening!

tonight is a comfort food sort of night. i must confess, i came home after a semi-long day about an hour ago and ate a random/odd assortment of pita chips (had to finish up the bag), tater tots (any form of potato=the BEST!), and a package of cherry pop tarts. now... would this be my top pick for comfort food? no. however, i've been out of town for nearly two weeks. the pickings are slim. :) i predict a trip to the grocery store is most definitely in my future.

i am exhausted. and when i'm overtired, i tend to feel hungrier than normal. hah. :) yesterday was a long day of travel after a fabulous week and a half in new york which included several weddings, time with family and friends, and a few family photoshoots with kids that could strongly compete for the title of the cutest small human beings ever to live and breathe. :) while i was sitting here eating nonsense, i thought to myself- HEY! why not share a few images on the ol' blog? so, without further ado, here are a few photos from the getting ready process for the beautiful wedding of stephen and joelle.

have a happy beginning to your week! i'll be back with more to share, soon.

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