Tuesday, September 7, 2010

they have my heart.

people are fun to photograph.

around this time of year, i don't have a lot of time to really appreciate what i do. right now as i type i'm (again) in another airport, waiting for another cross-country flight to take me to another three weddings and a handful of families. i barely have time to fit in a little bit of a life, nevermind taking a minute to reflect on what i love about this job. but people are great. people are my favorite- to spend time with, to work alongside, to try and understand.

even though ALL of my clients are amazing, there's just something about the kids- they are incredible treasures. here are a few random shots from just a sampling of the families i saw and worked with during my last trip to the east coast, which is where i'm headed again right now. enjoy, because these are some wonderfully beautiful and handsome little people. :) the whole world is before them to learn and explore and the possibilities are endless. so much yet to be discovered. i love every minute i spend with these guys and am thankful to have the privilege of capturing some of their grand adventure.


Lisa said...

adorable, nancy! i love the kid in the chair...

//nancy said...

me TOO! he's a doll. :)