Thursday, October 14, 2010

from the east.

this trip to new york has been good for the soul.

friends, family, beautiful leaves, pumpkins and pumpkin-related desserts, mostly sunny days.
very refreshing.

it's fall. so that means that i am getting excited for christmas. yes i know that's ridiculous. no i do not care. :)

tons of photos to share... coming soon.


ann @ mylifeasprose said...

i'm excited to see these photos :) and i agree... the fall makes me ready for christmas too! :)

thezsfamily said...

please be a sponge for me and soak up all the fall-ness...

//nancy said...

a- i'm glad you agree! :) i am already SO excited for holiday music and twinkle lights. :) :)

court- i'm doing my darndest, lovely lady. :)