Friday, October 22, 2010

g'bye new york, see you soon.

hello again, happy sunday. i'm writing from the airport about to board a westward plane, and if i didn't have a wedding coming up in the portland area, i'd just stay here on the east coast because i'll be turning around to come back in like... a week and a half. ha! it's a good thing i don't mind flying. :) :)

i spent time with a lot of amazing people this time around, they are all close to my heart. but some of the ones i'm most partial to i call family, and i'm grateful for all this travel and time with them despite the fact that i pay rent on a house 3000 miles away. these people, although they do drive me batty from time to time :), are wonderful.

they're good ones to watch movies with, laugh hysterically at during macho chest bumps and handshakes :) and take over your suitcase like it was a new bed set up just for them. my faves.

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danielle said...

so fun! love cair's hair and love the "chest bump!"