Thursday, October 28, 2010

today = a good day.

today i shot a wedding.

#21 of the year.

seriously, how all of this has happened continues to blow my mind. and this year (even though it's year #2) felt like the REAL deal. too legit to quit kind of thing. and i've only ever gotten business through word of mouth. if you've ever passed along my name or a link to my website, THANK YOU! thank you ever so much.

i'm on a bit of a high at the moment as today wraps up my weddings for 2010. it also switches my focus to what's coming up in 2011.

guess what?
i'm not really sure where this (the photography thing) is eventually going to go.
and guess what again?
i'm good with that. this- all of it- has been such a rich, awesome, amazing challenge. it continues to push me in good ways and i find that i am becoming more myself through doing this for a living. so, cool. win-win-win. :)

it was also a day filled with kindness. i feel very fortunate and grateful to know people in my life that are just lovely and so full of truth. sometimes things just hit you a certain way and gratitude is the only response, you know?

as an added bonus, i spent a half hour filling a shopping cart with deliciousness at trader joe's. :) yay, food!

haha. back to my point. the wedding of rachel and colin. twenty-one of 2010. before i go, i want to share a picture with you of today's rockstar couple:

:) g'nite. talk with you soon.

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