Wednesday, December 28, 2011

happy almost new year merry christmas late.

yes, what the subject line said.


we had a lovely, lovely christmas and from those days i'll be sure and post a few pictures here, soon. it was quiet and loud, simple and complicated, so what we needed and also absolutely what we wanted. all of the above. in this week between christmas and new year's i am still eating like it's going out of style because we have so many killer leftovers overflowing our fridge, which i love. i just won't love it when i can no longer button my jeans. hah. needless to say, we are definitely enjoying this time of year. hope you and yours had a wonderful christmas celebration, too.

a few weeks prior to christmas, a wonderful and regular client of mine called and wondered if we could do a family shoot at the local christmas tree farm. i said YES, absolutely, sounds like a fabulous idea. we got a beautiful sunny morning and a happy little lady, all in all it was a great shoot. take a peek at some of the results:

nick, nicole, and addison- as always, it's a joy and my pleasure to spend time with you guys! thanks for another great family shoot. :)


Brenda said...

A Christmas tree farm IS a great setting for photos!

//nancy said...

it was fantastic! so beautiful. :)