Saturday, December 31, 2011


in a few hours we're going to be spending our evening with some close friends and their kids, having a low-key night in. husband's getting ready and i'm trying to get some last-minute work done. :) i don't know how you feel about new year's, but there's something so refreshing about it on my end, every time.

the main theme that i can't get out of my head going into the new year is gratitude. we are so blessed. i'm thankful for my husband who loves and cares for me in a different way than i ever knew before. i love the conversations we have and also how much time we spend laughing together. he is an amazing partner. i never saw him coming but i'm certainly glad that he did. :)

i'm thankful for my baby nieces who were born yesterday. they're so itty bitty and definitely premature BUT amazing things are happening and they are doing much better than even the doctors expected. i haven't seen them in person yet but i'm absolutely in love with them already.

i'm thankful for the things that have happened this past year that have been hard. the challenges have grown me in profound ways.

i'm thankful for this job that has continued to be what i need.

i'm thankful for breath and life and future and hope.

happy new year. :) blessings.

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