Friday, January 6, 2012


hello, friends.

today is a good day. do you know those seasons in life where everything goes topsy-turvy, the wheels quite possibly come off the cart, and all you can do is keep soldiering on? i'm sure you do; everyone has those times. the precious thing about the tougher points in life are that the blessings seem even more sweet. i'm awake and alive, sitting at my kitchen table listening to good music and drinking delicious tea. my darling twin nieces who had a rough start in-utero and a very premature birth are doing so well today which just so happens to be their one week birthday. almost every bit of news about those sweeties that i get via phone call or text from 3000 miles away continues to be positive. last night the husband used some of his christmas money to treat me to our favorite place (yes, we're classy like that) only for the sake of taking me on a little date. it's the small things that i am treasuring these days and although much is uncertain about the future, why do i need to worry? time and time again we are cared and provided for and as long as we're doing our best, doing our part, that's all we can do. breathe deeply and wait to see.

while i'm waiting i figured i should probably begin posting more and more of the work captured in 2011, eh? between my own wedding planning, moving (more than once, ha!) and actually being out and about, DOING my work, there was little to no time to actually share. this is something i plan on changing, pronto. so many lovely people continue to invite me into their lives and i am honored to be the person they pick to catch these little snippets of life.

for 2012, i want to push myself to continue to grow as a documentarian. anyone can dress up, pose, and smile but do you want to know what my favorite photographs are? the unposed. the beautiful, raw, tender, normal moments captured of real life in real time. i want to get back to the heart and soul of why i began taking pictures in the first place: that feeling of seeing something through the lens and wanting to remember it forever. quality over quantity is a mantra i have to keep repeating to myself... quality over quantity. clients, i'd rather give you twenty GORGEOUS photographs than eighty that are just so-so.

i daresay the caffeine in my tea has gotten the best of me today, someone's rather chatty. :) without further ado, a family shoot of some regular client-friends, you may recognize these faces as i've featured them plenty in the past. erin, kevin, brock and lincoln... thanks so much for continuing to ask me to come back to capture your family! love you guys.


Brenda said...

I'm happy you'll be posting more!

//nancy said...

awww, thanks brenda! i'm excited to get more photos out there on the blog.