Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hello again, my laptop-y friend.

sometimes i feel like computer and i are joined at the hip.

75, nay, probably closer to 85% of my work is done in front of a laptop. edit, sort, edit, return inquiries, emails, set up wedding details, edit, back up data, repeat. beyond that i'm a normal girl, right? so i facebook and read blogs and pin all kinds of pointless drivel that somehow makes me feel connected and current.

like i said, i spend a lot of time in front of this thing.

so when my computer had to go for a minor repair late last week i was like sayonara, peace out, catch you on the flip side, yo. i dreamed big dreams of being excessively productive in the great unpacking and settling in effort of 2011 (leftover from moving into husband's house) and in general, doing all those things i don't do when i'm "busy" lurking on facebook.

let's not talk about how productive i actually was, ok? ok.

i don't think i noticed how much i actually did do (which wasn't exactly, ahem, much) while freed from my machine but moreso, my mind and my heart was a lot free-er if that makes sense. tonight, after enjoying a lovely quiet night filled with documentaries and chipotle bought with a leftover wedding present gift-card, i booted up the recently returned machine and began my "really important" business. while next to the hubs i started reading some things, some really negative opinion-y things posted on facebook. ugh. and then i saw something that reminded me of a pretty negative set of feelings and being valued more for "doing" than "being"... which, if you've ever felt that, is really no fun at all. and then i glanced over to my email inbox which is hardly caught up and very much the bane of my days. i started getting lost in the rest of my week and it's only... tuesday.

then this guy i'm committed to 'til one of us croaks leans over to me in the middle of all my weighed-down-ness and whispers to me, "life's too short."

and he's totally right.
so i'm going to power down for the night, shake off the negative blahs, and finish my cinnamon tea which is right now brewing in my favorite multicolored bird mug. i'm going to wake up tomorrow and strive for a little more simplicity and a little more free-ness, even in the midst of not having the excuse of "out for repair." and then i'm going to wake up and continue to do it all over again the next day, and again the day after that.


Courtney said...

A.J. says, "you got that right, girl!" Life's too short. Embrace the dark chocolate-y nourishing important inspiring GOOD stuff and chuck the rest. You know he's good at helping adults to do that :). Eden and Henley are too.
"Whatever is true, whatever is noble..."

ann @ my life as prose. said...

i am right there with you. i get up in the morning, and i open the laptop. it's how i *do* my work. and when i end for the day, i don't close it ... i just close browser tabs and word docs that pertain to "work." because we don't have tv, the laptop is now my main connection point to the outside world. which can be exhausting. good for you for closing it and coming back on a fresh day, with a new intent to balance the electronics :)

Brenda said...

I know alllllll about doing rather than being. Thanks for sharing!