Friday, April 6, 2012

cheeks to build a dream on.

i am a sucker for small people. this is no secret. but do you know what's even more kryptonite-like in melting my heart? chubby, smoochable cheeks on those tiny boys and girls. when little henry's mom and dad booked me for a newborn session, it was before he was even on the scene... when i arrived to meet the little guy i couldn't believe the cuteness! check out a few images from this fun shoot.

henry, i can't wait to see the kind of little fella you will become! you've got a great start. :)


B Money said...

That's right. I'm trolling your blog, and months after Henry was born. His cheeks are just as chubby as when he was first born, if not chubbier. Love it!

//nancy said...

@b money that's AWESOME :)