Tuesday, April 3, 2012

where i've been and where i be.

i've had a rather eventful couple of months.

first, my nieces. oh my heart. i miss those girls and my sister every day and i do not take for granted the time i got to spend with all of them. everytime my phone receives a photo with their chubby cheeks included i'm sure i could light up a room with my smile. that was one of the most wonderful things and also the hardest things i've experienced, hands down. no one (including myself!) will ever be able to gripe about being a new parent and the resulting sleep deprivation to my sister, who has more than managed not just one but TWO babies, and two that are not on the same feeding schedule- so the amount of downtime she gets (round the clock) is oh, about 40 minutes every three hours... if one of them's not fussing. she. is. a. champ.

secondly, i've been cooking. and when i say "cooking" i mean COOKING. in the kitchen. yes, there have been shoots and they've been wonderful, yes i know this blog still exists and that a few folks might come here from time to time to see if i'm still alive and taking pictures, and yes i've got plenty of weddings on the books and they're just around the corner. but you know those seasons where you just have to batten down the hatches and ride out the storms?

in those seasons, i'm in the kitchen.

i make lemon-pistachio chicken. aunt robin's famous chocolate cream pie. flourless peanut butter cookies. homemade chicken soup with rice. apple crisp. etc., etc., etc.

something about the chopping and the mixing and the delicious finished products seem to make everything better, even if only for an hour or two. and you know what, even though "things aren't really THAT bad" (they could be a lot worse...!) i've come to relish the therapy.

so that's where i be. i'll find my way here from time to time, and i haven't forgotten about this lil' old blog nor am i forgetting about my busiest season which is right around the corner. looking forward to what comes next, on a lot of levels.

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