Friday, March 15, 2013

a new day.

how do i sum up what has been and continues to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life?

not sure. :)

i can tell you this much: i've waited and wanted to be a wife and a mom for as long as i can remember. literally. most of the passion i put into my work as a photographer i find because i believe in love, family, and relationship so deeply. it brings me a lot of joy to capture those things for you and when i'm "feelin' it"- truly seeing what makes your interactions with your fiance, your spouse, your kids, your friends- unique and special and meaningful, my heart just explodes and my shutter finger gets itchy. ;) now that i have this little family of my very own to love and invest in, it's overwhelming in the best possible way.

i can't even believe tomorrow will be six weeks since ezra came into this world. his entrance wasn't normal or conventional- we actually had a really difficult delivery, although i truly don't see it that way. it was what it was. sometimes things happen in the way that they need to and even though it should've been different, it's better to accept that we just can't always have the answers we want. the most important thing is that he is safe and i am safe and we got from point a to point b somehow. believe me, i'm not scarred at all- just today i was telling a friend i can't wait for the next one (and i mean it!). haha, it'll be a little while before that happens, but i/we are so in love with our little guy we also can't wait to meet whoever else belongs in our family. this isn't always easy, there's a lot of sacrifice involved in commitment and love, but it's so worth it.

at this point i'm going to be dipping my toes into the water of work pretty slowly. i have a handful of summer/fall weddings booked, and this season i'll be booking just one more to round out 2013. interested in an engagement, newborn, or family shoot? contact me here and i'll be sure and add your name to the list of  people i'll be in touch with whenever i schedule shoots throughout the spring, summer and fall. of course i'll continue posting photos here, probably (ok, definitely) even some of my sweet boy.

for now i'm off to spend more time with my guys. if the first six weeks have gone quickly i can't imagine how the next 18 years will fly by! have a great weekend.


Beka said...

I just love you two.

Brenda Wilkerson said...

I've been loving your Instagram pics! :)