Friday, April 12, 2013


these days are quiet but they go so quickly.

when people ask me "what have you been up to lately?" the answer is a resounding "not much." :) not much, except caring for and getting to know our little boy. before he came, i (in theory) knew that babies were a lot of work. of course i'd been around babies quite a lot, but it's different when they're yours- the buck stops with you. you're "the mommy." it becomes a day worth celebrating when you and the baby are both clean, dressed and fed, and maybe you manage a load of laundry, too. however, even though it's crazy how much time this little guy takes up and how quickly my days are flying by, the past 2.5 months have been amazing.

some people grow up knowing they want to be a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, or teacher. i always, always wanted to be a mommy. maybe it's because i had to wait 30 years to get here, but i am so appreciative and am not taking this season in my life for granted. my pay is not monetary, but my reward is when he looks up at me and gives me a big gummy grin when he hears my voice singing a silly made-up song, or he hits another developmental milestone, or grows another inch. high five, self. something is going right, even though (like everybody else) i am learning on the fly. even when sleep deprived and hardly glamorous, i am loving each day with this small person and can't wait to see who he becomes as he grows up.

i've had a lot of opportunity in my life to do things, make choices, move, live, experiment, have fun. but life before my husband and now my son? it was alright, but not even comparable.

i love this quiet life.


Brenda Wilkerson said...

Beautiful post (and beautiful life)!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Nancy! There are such blessings in a quiet life and I'm glad you get to experience them :) -Heidi of MicknHeidi