Thursday, August 8, 2013

on having it all and why i'm not trying to.

so, hi there. :)

i had something on my heart to say and share as i may periodically do.

i waited a long time for this guy.

he is the sunshine in our days. the sweetest little tweet. 100% completely all boy and also the kindest soul i've known. and ya' know what? i don't want to miss this. he is only _____ once. he's only this size, learning these things, dependent on me or my husband for absolutely everything. i know there are plenty of callings in life but i've known since i was very small, for me, this is it. this is what i've waited for and hoped for and in many ways, i don't care that my business has to take a backseat. this is too important. he is too important.

don't get me wrong, i love doing what i do. and i have dreams... big dreams... for what this can become. but right now? no, thanks. it's cool with me that i used to have a legit, professional looking website and now i don't, it's fine that i'm not killing it. there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to grow my business and take it in the direction my heart desires while being present in my little guy's days. some can, i can't. i'll continue on booking things here and there from time to time, i periodically post things on facebook, i'm not shutting things down- but instead i'm perfectly ok with not having it all and just having the most important small person who is growing and changing by the minute. just like he's learning to crawl and sit and eat real food, i'm learning to be a mom and i think that being a mom is good enough. it's a gift and i don't want to take it for granted. 

feel free to inquire if you're interested in booking for most anything at all. i'm still around, but definitely not "killing it." and i've never been so happy to be doing what i'm doing ever in my life.


alexis rose said...

you are a complete gem.

//nancy said...

alexis... as are you. xox

Deja said...

Well said Nancy. Congratulations on your promotion. Savor every moment. I've never heard a mom say, "I wish I had spent more time away from my children." There are sacrifices to be made, but you only get one shot at mothering this little guy. Enjoy.

Lauren said...

Love you and your special heart. It's humbling and convicting to think that some days are filled with moments of grumbling and notions of burden, when this mom gig really is SUCH an amazing privilege. Thanks for the perspective, friend. Thankful for God's call on your life, and thankful to share that call...a bit more thankfully :)

//nancy said...

deja- thanks, friend. i am doing my dangdest to not take this for granted. so grateful for my promotion. :):)

laur- love you and your sweet kiddos, too :)