Monday, February 2, 2009

amy + eli (wedding)

so, as i've already stated, i can be a slacker when it comes to updating this blog. :) seeing as amy and eli got married... um... the weekend after thanksgiving (ha!) i figured it's about time i posted a few more photos because it was a beautiful wedding and such a great day!

first off, remember seeing them in earlier posts? (this shot is from their engagement session earlier in the year):

they are sweet, amazing, fun, and ridiculously thoughtful people. everything about their wedding day was stress-free and nothing could shake them- they were just so excited to get married and to share the day with all the people in their lives!

natalie was a beautiful maid of honor and did a great job at being amy's right-hand woman throughout the day.

the bride and groom had the great idea of taking a group shot... with EVERYONE who happened to be at their wedding. this is a crop of that photo with all 150+ attendees in the photo, and even still the effect is great- unique idea, guys!

father-daughter dance... always a special memory.

yet another gorgeous photo of these two... their love for each other, strong faith, and love for others came out all throughout the day and it was probably one of the best weddings i've seen- because of their attitude and mindset! blessings, guys. thanks for letting me share in your day.

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