Sunday, February 1, 2009

little people

happy superbowl sunday! as i type, the steelers are whooping some cardinal behind, and i have to admit i'm okay with that as part of my undergraduate degree was done right outside of pittsburgh. i definitely have some good memories linked to that town. :) i've never really been into sports, but when it comes to the superbowl i figure i can be happy and enthusiastic about one event a year where good food and fun commercials are usually involved. ;) however, as you might've noticed already, my attention isn't only on the game... i figure why not multitask and do a little work with my once-a-year sporting event in the background!? sounds good to me. :)

i'm noticing that all my most recent shoots have somehow involved babies. :) this is not the biggest season for photography in the northeast (brrrr, too cold to schedule outdoor shoots and not really the most popular season for weddings, either) so the trend is even more noticeable. the photos in today's post were so much fun as taylor just had her baby girl piper six weeks prior to the shoot, and christine and shaun are anxiously waiting the arrival of their own baby girl which should be about 6 weeks away. everyone involved in these shoots was a great sport and as always, one of my favorite things about these opportunities is getting to know people and hearing their stories. for me, it's such a privilege. :)

check out these great pregnancy (christine + shaun) and family (taylor + piper) shots, all featuring the littlest members of their families:

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