Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hannah + sean (engagement)

hannah and sean are getting hitched- soon. really soon. like 61 days following this shoot kind of soon. :) however, this was four years in the making, after they first met while in high school working together at a fast food restaurant.

i absolutely love hearing different stories of how couples end up together- many times it's the craziest, most unlikely circumstances that bring the right person into your life. thank goodness for these pleasant suprises we can not make happen on our own!

anyway, enough words. here are a sampling out of the many great shots we were able to get this past saturday at the empire state plaza in albany, ny.

congratulations and blessings as you two move forward in your life together! :)


leahrupp said...

Beautiful! I think the black and white one is my favorite but I can't decide :)

//nancy said...

thanks leah! you know you guys are some of my favorite photographers... hopefully i can make good use of you both oneday in the future. :) :)