Wednesday, March 4, 2009

(it's personal), vol. 3

in the last couple of days, i got a few new toys. :) a new camera body and new lens, to be more specific. the little nerd in me came to life when i saw that big brown box from b&h photo (where i order almost all of my equipment...) and although i've been working my day job and it's freezing as all get out once i'm thru at 5pm, i have not been able to help myself and have had to test it out a bit. beautiful results. b-e-a-utiful. i can't wait for the upcoming family shoots, senior portraits, and weddings i have in the next 4 months! gotta put this baby to work and see what she can do. :)


here are a few of my test shots. testing, testing, 1-2-3.

this amazing piece of art was a gift i received this past valentine's day... it needs to go on my wall, asap.

ok. my mom and dad have been married 30 years this coming september and they're still crazy about each other after all this time. amazing.

kitty is awfully good at the evil eye. :)

lasty, my face. haha. when i first got the camera no one was around to model for me so i decided i had to do it myself. :)

first family shoot on my new camera: this coming saturday! i can not wait.


Nancy said...

Bee-u-tee-full!!, Nan! Can't wait to see more....

//nancy said...

thanks aunt nancy! i'm excited to be back in oregon soon, hopefully taking more photos of you and your fam everytime i visit bend. :)