Monday, March 23, 2009

andrew + lilly (engagement)

how much do i love love?

a whole heck of a lot.

it's really amazing when i get to spend an hour or two with a couple, get to know them a little bit, get rid of those "hey you, person i don't really know, you're staring at me taking my picture" jitters ;), and start to observe what they are like together and how much they love each other.

i've always been somewhat of a hopeless romantic, and (to be honest), i'm in the middle of a pretty incredible love story myself... but when i see couples like andrew and lilly i still get this silly grin on my face and for even just a few minutes feel as though all is right with the world. this guy loves this girl. she can't get enough of him. there's a mutual care and respect that means they put the other before themselves. it's good, my friend. very good.

(ps, look out for photos from their wedding around mid-june!)

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