Friday, March 6, 2009

my lovely assistant

meet leah.

oh my, so serious. let's try this again:

yes, that's more like it. ;)

if you see her around, she might be doing something like this:

because on any of the east coast weddings i shoot, leah is my right-hand 2nd camera woman. a talented and artistic woman in her own right, i am PRIVILEGED to have her join me on all the weddings i have booked for 2009 in new york state.

sometimes i make her pose like this:

but not TOO often otherwise i'll get some kind of crazy, ridiculous, "am i done with this yet?!" kind of face that i COULD post here... but she'd probably kill me. ;) instead, i'll end this blog entry with a shot that looks pretty normal... don't let it fool you. :) HA. no, seriously, she's amazing and brilliant and i love her to pieces. you will, too.


Nicole said...

the first pic is my fav ;) hahahaaaa!

//nancy said...

:) :) leah is amazing!