Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i will shoot your ink for free


so, this morning, i was thinking.

(about tattoos).

i love them.

secretly, i'm kind of a junkie, although i don't have any (yet) myself. :)

i'm so intrigued by this art that becomes so personal that you have to link it to yourself and your body forever.

some are awesome, some kind of not. haha. but the ones that are not still somehow are, because they tell a story of things, people, ideas, places in your life that have meant something to you. that's pretty cool.

here's what i'm thinking. depending on the response, i may have to limit this offer to the first (however many) people who respond, and it's definitely as my schedule allows, but i would love to shoot a few photos of your tattoo(s) for free. my only condition is that it's gotta be stuff that's family-friendly aka "PG" rated.

my contact info is to the right. holler if you're interested. :)


brooke said...

i have 2 that are family freindly... a jesus fish tatooed to one ankle and a bumble bee with great significance on the other ankle... as well as 2 that arent quite family freindlyt... a sexy angle on my lower back and a chinese symbol there too......

i would loooooooooooooooooooooooooove some pics of the first 2!!!! plus i was wondering what your rates are anyway....


Sara said...

So, I know this one's quite an old post (I just found out about you today, I work with Heather at South Sound Magazine :) but, I figured I would shoot you a message anyways! I'm an artist, and drew my first tattoo myself... it's on my lower back, but it's my favorite. Henna inspired, black and white. If you're ever bored, shoot me a message :)(I'd love to meet you as well, you are extremely talented!)

//nancy said...

hi sara-

thanks for saying hi, and for your kind words! i'm hopefully going to be up in tacoma somewhat soon, and would love to shoot your tattoo while i'm up there. send me an email so i have your address (mine is noble.nj at and when i make plans to head north, we'll coordinate!

have a great week-