Saturday, October 31, 2009


happy halloween to all you trick-or-treaters out there today!

kittycat loves halloween. i mean, c'mon! who doesn't?

my favorite part(s) of this holiday:
. cute little kids in costumes with EARS. oh how i love hoods with little ears.
. pumpkins! (of course!)
. candy corn... don't even get me started.
. christmas music! 'tis the season... and no, it's not too early. don't try to convince me- losing battle. ;)

i think i've mentioned a couple times that earlier this month i shot a few families in new york... just a few. :) one of these families had a GREAT shoot in albany's washington park...

we fed ducks

threw leaves

did a few awesome dance moves

and just enjoyed the day together.

beautiful fall colors, beautiful day, beautiful family. :)

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