Monday, October 19, 2009

(in memory)

in mid august, i shot a wonderful wedding in the portland area. spending time with the sister of the bride, valerie, was definitely a highlight of that day. i remember talking with her about new england living (as we are both from the northeast), admired her tattoos, talked with her about her beautiful children, and also enjoyed watching her interact with those she loved on this happy, happy day. a few hours ago i heard the sad news that valerie passed away and my heart hurts for her parents, her sister, her children, and her friends.

it's a privilege to capture life.

it was a privilege to capture valerie.


Annie Duffield said...

Oh Nan... makes me cry. What a way to use your gift.

//nancy said...

yeah, it made me cry too.

life is fragile and beautiful. we should all live it well!