Thursday, October 1, 2009

a thought before flying

hello there!

tonight, i'll catch the red-eye on my way to upstate new york, where i'm from. while there, i have the privilege to shoot two weddings and (hopefully) 11 families, although weather forecasts and limited weekend hours are potentially putting a kink in those plans. regardless, i'm super excited to see familiar faces, hug my family and my kitty, and take a breather from the norm.

this past spring (while still living on the east coast), i was shooting families at this park where they plant beautiful tulips for a tulip festival around mother's day. i'd kept the files, but never bothered to edit them until just last week. the one shot that stuck out to me kind of resonated a bit with some of what i've been thinking about as of late.

sometimes, life doesn't work out the way you plan. oftentimes it doesn't work out that way. :) some of us fit into molds and expectations and norms... others, not so much. i find myself in that latter category more times than not and although i love and thrive on things that are unique, it completely frustrates me as well. can't one thing in my life work out like i hope, can't i be just a LITTLE normal? that remains to be seen. right now it isn't looking that way, despite all my efforts and energy. however... being unique in one way or another enables us to dream bigger, crazier dreams than the average, to love thinking outside the box because we've got to. i rarely understand what's going on in the moment, but later on i often look back and have an "ah-HA" kind of moment. this is a beautiful thing.

i'm not giving up on the hopes i have, instead i'll hold them loosely. if they don't end up working out, the only thing i have left to do is stop trying to make things happen when i have no control, and instead start dreaming different dreams that don't look anything like my current reality. think outside the box. different = amazing.

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