Saturday, October 17, 2009

rain, rain, go away

well, today i got a taste of what the next (6?) months of work might be like in oregon.

arrive @ laurelhurst park in se portland.

family arrives @ laurelhurst park in se portland.

family dog chases sticks.

family dog chases other park dwellers.

family dog refuses to sit for family photos.

ignore family dog.

family photos (click, click).

where did that sun go?

um. it's getting kind of dark.

is that thunder?

TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. (run to cars. reschedule.)

haha. oh, dear. i drove home in the oregon rain that i love, and called my afternoon appointment to reschedule that as well. rain boots and umbrellas also make mighty cute photos, but this kind of rain is more than just a couple of drops. we're talking BUCKETS. pour pour pour pour.

no shoots today.


this afternoon i'll curl up under a blanket with tea and some editing. that sounds like a pretty decent deal.

in other news, i'm (obviously) back from new york. i ended up doing 14 (!) smaller shoots and two weddings... in 13 days. holysmokes! thanks to all you new yorkers who always show me so much love and support. i had the best time with you all. i was itching for home (oregon) but you made my stay so lovely. many thanks.

i feel as though i'm still transitioning and still attempting to figure out what i want this business to look like. i love it, i do... but i also miss the creative outlet that photography used to be to me, and i also tend to overbook at times (heh) so that then i feel like the quality of my work declines. :(. any and all input is welcome, as i love doing this for others and probably always will do this to some extent, but i also want to give myself balance in life and room to breathe. hmmm.

look out for an update to the website soon! i figure it's almost time to put up another featured wedding and add some of these lovely fall shots to the galleries. :) colored leaves, mmm-mmm good.

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