Friday, June 11, 2010

girls will be girls

yesterday, after working all day, i went here:

to celebrate THIS GIRL and her 29th birthday!

and today, my nails look like this: :)

i don't usually paint my fingernails or get manicures... i just don't sit still long enough to let them dry. :) but now my fingers have cheerful coral-y orange tips and today, that makes me smile. happy birthday jenni! thanks for a wonderful time.


Erika said...

look at you, nancy noble, with coral nails! wow, it even makes tomboy-ish mama-me want to get my nails painted too. which can actually happen, as i actually grew them out for once!

//nancy said...

yeah erika! DO IT. :)

i'm shocked... 4 days later and they're still in decent shape! this is no small feat as far as i'm concerned. ha!