Sunday, June 20, 2010

holly + aj (wedding), part two.

oh hey, hello, how was your weekend? great, i hope. maybe you did fun stuff like play lawn games:

or... maybe not. :) whatever. regardless i hope you're ready to take on the week and are eagerly anticipating what good things could be just around the corner. i know i am.

speaking of good things, what do you think of these carefully crafted centerpieces? there's just something so wonderful and cheery about lemons, no matter which way you slice (or sugar) them. i just love citrus fruit and so these were right up my alley. delish.

in getting to see a couple through the course of their wedding day, i think one of my favorite things is to witness the first few moments when they see each other for the first time. guys- your expressions are always priceless. here are a few shots from when aj and holly first saw each other...

i think they were okay with what they saw. :)
the ceremony and reception took place here, and i just love the way the different trees frame the ceremony site. gorgeous.

aren't these amazingly fun shoes? this season i've noticed quite a few brides wearing things a little more colorful and funky on their feet... i love it. nothing like a splash of color here and there!

lemons, again. here's another shot, just because i liked them.

another great idea: cotton candy. not gonna lie, it was a big hit with lots of people including their photographer. :) here's a shot of the bride's sister in law working hard to serve up some of that pink goodness... and a crowd of lovely people thoroughly enjoying the fruits of her labor:


aj and holly: i really did love every minute with you guys. thanks so much for asking me to be a part of your day! best wishes on your new life together as husband and wife.


Anonymous said...

Cotton candy--at a wedding! Brilliant! Now I have to get married all over again so I can serve cotton candy too! -Heidi

//nancy said...

you can always find a good reason for a fantastic party including cotton candy!! :)