Monday, June 21, 2010

nice weather (if you're a duck :))

i must confess, i don't think i'm a true oregonian yet.

i hang my head in shame.

see- i very nearly postponed genna and daniel's engagement shoot. if you're not living in the portland area, let me explain that summer so far has been almost nonexsistent. no lie. you know how it rains a teeny tiny bit here in the pacific northwest? well, that's SUPPOSED to let up right about now.... nope, no dice. portland residents have nicknamed this particular month "juneuary" as we all are layering up and grabbing our galoshes before we head out to brave the elements.

back when daniel and genna scheduled their engagement photos with me, i wasn't all that concerned about the weather.

even when i looked at the forecast late last week and they said there was going to be a "chance of rain", i didn't let it get to me. oh, no big deal, chance schmance.

but then... i looked outside at noon. and again at one pm. and then at two. rain rain rain rain. i can deal with a light mist, but i'm just gonna throw it out there as a reality... my electronic equipment doesn't really do big fat droplets. however, with a little coaxing from the bride-and-groom-to-be, we met up at 3:30 on a dreary sunday afternoon and had a great time. i'm so glad they were "oregon hardcore" and had no hesitation about meeting up, come rain or come shine.

before we get to the photographic evidence, here are a few quick facts about daniel and genna:

- they are absolutely great together. OBVIOUSLY. just wait 'til you check out the pics below.
- they've spent most of their relationship so far in separate states or even different countries.
- they are both great dancers.
- they're very comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. winners!
- they're both engaging, fun, and interested in others.
- they have a passion for places across the globe and nonprofit organizations.
- one of them told me that his or her favorite movie happens to be the classic romcom "my best friend's wedding"- i'll leave it up to your imagination as to which one that might be. ;) hehe.

and now! pictures. i can just tell that their upcoming august wedding is going to be so great.

you two are a delight! can't wait for august 28th.


Anonymous said...

Nans -- so so great! I love the shots in the cafe and the one where they're dancing especially :) Beautiful work!


//nancy said...

thanks sophs! they are eeeeasy people to photograph. seriously.

Janell said...

nancy these are great! I especially love the ones of them dining. It's great how you wrote down a little bit about them too...oh dan and his love for chick flicks...i won't tell you how many times we watched that movie growing up!

-janell (his sister)

//nancy said...

janell, thanks! you have awesome family, who just so happens to be kinda good looking. :) looking forward to hanging out abit next month during their big day!

Colette said...

Love these!!