Monday, June 14, 2010

holly + aj (wedding), part one

can i tell you... i love my job? I LOVE MY JOB.

there are some days that remind me of this very simple fact. holly and aj's wedding happened to be one of those days. throughout the day, i felt kind of like this:


if i had to pick one word to fit their big day, it would be details. this bride has style, let me tell you. almost everything was DIY- the flowers, the decorations, the little touches that were pulled together in such a classic yet current and cutting edge way. vintage, summer, shabby chic. i loved every beautiful minute.

there are so many great shots that i want to share, this is only part one of two. i'm saving the sugared lemon centerpieces for next time... stay tuned, your mouth will water. :)

this was in lieu of a traditional guestbook. guests placed their thumb in either light green or yellow ink, then literally left their print on this picture. what a great keepsake for aj and holly to have in their home!

the bride's bouquet had charms pinned to the base... a personalized present from each and every one of her bridesmaids. these charms represented something that each girl wanted holly to "carry" with her into her marriage. here are the oh-so-cute flower girl and her handsome ringbearer brother checking out the little gifts. :)

the bride's best friend was a huge hit with her stories during the toast... she was a natural and had absolutely everyone's attention!

that's all i have time to share today. part two- including even more details and shots from the ceremony, coming soon!


beka said...

Oh my word, Nancy, these are INCREDIBLE! So, so beautiful. I can't wait to see Part II! :)

//nancy said...

beka, THANK YOU! :) you are the bestest and the sweetest.

rawster said...

Nancy - I love these! I am so glad Holly and AJ hired you! I knew their style and your style would be a perfect match. I can't wait to see the rest of these photos! Awesome job!

//nancy said...

rachelle- i can't thank you enough for passing my name along! this wedding was so fantastic for me to shoot. :) thanks again!

holly brooke said...

nancy! i can't thank you enough for the moments that you captured! i am SO excited to see all the pictures. aj and i had such a wonderful with you! your blog entry was so sweet as well.. can't wait for part two. :)

//nancy said...

holly- you guys are a treasure! thanks for letting me be a part of your day.

part two, coming right up. :) hope your honeymoon was absolutely fabulous!