Tuesday, July 13, 2010

be back soon.

(newark airport facing NYC//june 2010)


change is good, right?
change is good.
i have a lot of change to face when i come back from my vacation. a lot of decisions. just... a lot.
thank goodness my mom was the type to recognize that as a small child, i was resistant to unpredictable change and she helped me learn to grow, adjust, and flex with the way life can be. because life is often like that. my grandfather used to say that the only things that are certain in life are be death & taxes. i'd tack the concept of change onto that list. change happens. oftentimes it's hard, but it happens. might as well embrace the unknown and choose to grow in the refining process.

in the meantime, before i have to dig into all of that... i'm on vacation. :) in less than a few days, here's what awaits me:
- palm trees
- warm sandy beaches
- good food
- books to read
- swimming pools
- a complete "unplug" from my work life
- a dear friend joining me for the entire adventure

hooray. i can't wait.
sometime late next week, i'll come back with a few posts. i have shot several lovely weddings that i'd love to show you. plus, of course, visuals from my trip. i'm bringing my camera just for fun. do you know how rarely i do that anymore? :) i don't expect to have hundreds of shots, but my personal goal is ten. ten good photos showing where i've been and what i've seen. other than that, i expect to be too busy swimming and reading and sleeping and eating to worry about taking pictures. :)

talk with you soon.


Anonymous said...

The dear friend you are referring to told me about all this change stuff you have going on. I hope that you will find clarity of thought and peace while sorting through all those emotions that come with change. I wish that you were passing through this way before you go the vacation way so I could give you a big hug and tell you that everything will work itself out. Enjoy the sunshine and sand! -heidi

Mari said...

Bon Voyage Nanc! So glad you are taking care of yourself :)

Shan, Robyn, and I will miss you dearly tomorrow night but we can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

//nancy said...

heidi- thank you! wish i could've stopped by your neck of the woods, too. much love!

mari- thanks, woman! hope you ladies had a GREAT time.