Saturday, July 3, 2010


this photo needed a blog post of its very own. taken during yesterday's amazing (amazing!) wedding- the bride looked like a million bucks. gor-ge-ous.

more soon! sleep, packing, and travel for me, in that order. :) g'nite.


beka said...

incredible, nancy. SO beautiful!!!

elke said...

nancy you made our day complete. You are such a fabulous woman and an equally fabulous photographer. I hope you had a good time and good travel. cant wait for more. thank you a million times over!

Erika said...

beautiful shot, nancy! beautiful bride, elke :)

//nancy said...

bek- thanks! she looked incredible.

elke- you two are wonderful. :) thanks for your kind words and i will be in touch soon! happy honeymooning :)

erika- thanks, lady! your sister is a gorgeous woman.