Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what i saw on my summer vacation.

(part one)

by the way... it was great. :)


danielle said...

i love that picture of you! i just bought those same earrings.. and i love the rain photo too... hope the vacay was everything you were hoping for! xoxo

Mari said...

That photo of you is STUNNING! You are amazing. and I MISS YOU! I leave for Europe in less than two weeks and would love to have a lil' Nancy time (seriously not sure if that can even happen with my schedule, but I still want it).

Haha, and something noteworthy: the word verification for this comment is "whomar". I'm Mar! That's who. Thought it was funny.
Love you!

thezsfamily said...

looks absolutely blissful.

thezsfamily said...

ready for part 2... :-)

//nancy said...

d, mari, court- thanks for the blog love, ladies! the vacation was fabulous.

d- yeah for target earrings!! :) :)

court- your wish is my command. ;)