Thursday, July 8, 2010

stella + justin (engagement)

hey there!

so... mid-next week, i go on vacation. VACATION. ahhhhh. i will not be bringing my computer and thus not be connected to the outside world in just about any way! this is legit, more of a break than i've had in a few years. hooray! i can't wait. :) however, to prep for that trip, i've been super super busy trying to wrap everything up that needs wrapping. this is why i've been a little light on the posts this past week.

however, i had to (had to!) show you a few quick snaps from stella and justin's engagement shoot just a few nights ago. their love is so great to see and i just thought i should share. enjoy.

guys, i'm so excited for your wedding next month!


beka said...

NANCY. Oh my word, I feel like I'm becoming a serial commenter on your blog, but your pictures lately have been absolutely AMAZING!!! Love these, love you! GREAT work - go enjoy a well-deserved vacation! :)

danielle said...


//nancy said...

bek- long time that i've owed you a comment back but thank you, lovely lady! and this couple was not at all difficult to capture... they are AMAZING together! :)

d- thank you for always being so encouraging!! <3!