Thursday, July 1, 2010


every time i see the word "potpourri", i think of two things:

a) that mishmash catagory from the game show jeopardy


b) the smelly stuff my grandmother used to keep in little dishes on the living room coffee table.

:) let's redeem that particular word, shall we?! heh.

lately i've been in new york. been REALLY busy. one more wedding to go before i head back to my home state... but here's a quick sampling of the faces i've seen.

have a wonderful holiday weekend! :)


danielle said...


Laura said...

These are all amazing Nancy! I every time I see you at a wedding I wish you were doing this when I got married! Hope you enjoyed your time here! see you next time you're in town or the next wedding =)

//nancy said...

danielle- thanks, girl. :)

laura- thanks! it was great to see you guys a few weeks back, and yeah, it totally would've been fun to shoot your wedding awhile back! :) see you again sometime soon, i'm sure!

Christopher Browning said...

As usual you do a wonderful job! Miss your face.

//nancy said...

CB- thank you. :) miss yours too!!! come back west asap? please & thanks.